Lucky Me

to be me

how awesome
for even
one grant’d wish

the pleasure
the pliancy
the plainness
of Youth

rush runging
the ladder
to seize Hereafter

the laggard
the lapse
the languidness
of Eldership

for the Life
that I Love—
for the Love
of my Life—

I’ll keep Today’s harvest

4 thoughts on “Lucky Me

    1. loujen haxm'Yor Post author

      Thanx, Nancy. Another activity we’ve recontinued is scanning all our album pics and saving them onto dvd’s with flash drive backups. Part of this digital enhancement comes from a picture of myself, when I was in the Marines. I just finished scanning 600 shots from my military experience– to add to the rest of our life history. Be safe and have a wonderful day.


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