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In Another Life

be brush’d away
a blizzard of dust
smothering the walls
of Babylon’s forest

from out of the fading fog
a face
a gaze

all with my soul
all… in the Now

how I pretend hard
to want to believe
her peer was for me
She… even back Then

Snow Moon

caress midnight’s ivory portal
gentle shadow of my fingertips
her frozen spirit kindl’d to flow
from th’ ebon luster of my lips

till the canopy of my soul
embraces her wholly
sweltering our love
to a frosty florid pearl

so be born Spring

Grazer (from the Time Capsule)

your eyes
your nose
your ears
the wind in your face
your home security system
for a nervous meal
for some pre-rem shut eye

the fear fueling your feet
your mind’s rear view mirror
in prayer against the preyer
whose victory would buy
an enjoyable feast
an enjoyable slumber
or worse
your eyes
your nose
your ears
on a senseless wall

Hallow’d Alms

Morning opens her eyes,
kisses the cold cheeks
of sleeping bouquets,
who yawn and stretch their emerald
petals and shower prismatic
pollen upon granitic
angels, their morning breakfast
of sharing last night’s dreams,
until the first knee
genuflects before them
and asks forgiveness

Cerebration Block

the sinew of my thoughts
has melt’d away
scattering their bones
in a crapshoot
to indecision

what can I dream up next?

gotta smear
that blank canvas
let the daubs
inspire my sight
ere I sleep on it