Memorial Day 2023

young USA
garb’d in grad gowns
of campaigners—
some tearfully etch’d
upon the DC Wall—
others bearing witness
to today’s handshakes—
everyone glad it’s over
         …at least There

I’d like to honor the memory
of PFC Peter Alan Gruca,
who graduated Marine boot camp
in March of 1969
and was a casualty of the Vietnam War
in November of the same year.
He died serving our country
at the young age of 19.

Semper Fi

(photo courtesy of the Wall of Faces)

Passion Key (from the Time Capsule)

fronds of amethyst spellbound
by a fragrance from heaven

whins of sapphire tittering
on a clear night

tendrils of turquoise in song
to a warm heart

the ruby of a rainbow the star
of a summer’s rain

it is You

One Portrait of Love

love is not just a pretty face
it is an aura that beckons love
love of nature
love of life
desire for everyone to love
to share love with th’ unlov’d
real love is not imaginary
sense the love within my heart?
then love me to know
your love is also real

Someone’s Perfect Spot

a couple of arboreal neighbors
sharing a daytime scene—

hearing Nature’s tongue
an avenue of rippling voices
cheerful expressions
their sisters joining in the fast lane
making wishes to go on forever—

away from honking brake lights
away from cement
away from the Cloud—

hoping for Today’s twin
be Tomorrow