welcome, everyone

to my doodlings

my refections

my mythology



from own footprints

nature’s symphony

and where my eyes have listen’d

my creativity enhanc’d

by the voices of other bloggers

Many thanx for your visit.

And have a wonderful day!



(a.k.a. loujen haxm’Yor)


Unless otherwise noted: the illustrations on this post are composites of my sketches, acrylic and oil paintings, photography, and various art and camera softwares; and the accompanying literary works germinated from my mind’s sudden moments.

38 thoughts on “Author

  1. loujenhaxmyor Post author

    Don’t paint as much anymore. Most of those older works are incorporated into cgi artwork with my photos and distorted sketches. But computer art is also fun for me. Will return to your blog to view more of your cool stuff. Thanx for stopping by.

  2. K'lee L.

    Hello, Arthur! Thanks for your support over at my site Obzervashunal! I may have lost a comment of yours on my ‘bridge fog post’. I hope not. Anyway, glad to meet you and check out your work a bit more.

      1. K'lee L.

        The REAL challenge with bridge fog is to make your way up into the Headlands by foot, car, or bike(my mode!) and catch the fog pouring in over the mountain on its way to the bridge… it is one of the eeriest and coolest things I’ve ever seen. I’ll time it right one of these days!

  3. loujenhaxmyor Post author

    I appreciate the nomination, Danica. But because of my time and involvement with so many other ventures, I have listed my site as being award-free. Many thanx for your visit.


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