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Passion Key (from the Time Capsule)

fronds of amethyst spellbound
by a fragrance from heaven

whins of sapphire tittering
on a clear night

tendrils of turquoise in song
to a warm heart

the ruby of a rainbow the star
of a summer’s rain

it is You

One Portrait of Love

love is not just a pretty face
it is an aura that beckons love
love of nature
love of life
desire for everyone to love
to share love with th’ unlov’d
real love is not imaginary
sense the love within my heart?
then love me to know
your love is also real

Kiss (from the Time Capsule)

solitary Cinder uplift’d
by the song of Nature’s breath
fades the melody
fades her wings
to alight upon a needle of pine
to slumber
to emerge from her cocoon
a candle of hope
an armor’d torch
scourge of the Forest
drown’d into ashes
the starving Ground
to suckle new saplings
richer than before

so too
a simple peck from your lips to mine
shall inflame the bond of our flesh
till our spirits slip into th’ Innerworld
where all seasons are one
Night to his pillow of dreams
as squints Day and stretches her light
to awaken Love beyond measure


have our spirits always been
as fancies my heart?

from time’s weaning

to Eden
to redwood saplings
to when Everest was but a plain with child
to when clouds cry’d into Atlantic canyons
to when a candle yawn’d and stretch’d
and marry’d Night with Day

Oh, yes
We were there

Restless Cerebrations

pollen from thought to thought
until “The” thought

fingers stroke where speech breathes
to where smells migrate

and yawns and stirs the lover
with infant’s eyes on a date with night

draw passion into syringe
stab into mind
and hew the tourniquet

thy bosom
the sun
flash flood

then drought in soporific beam