Our Blessings Counted

like grand sequoian spires
so too thru time’s diverse cadence
endures heart-sprung joy

arm in arm
from friendships
to cosmic riddles
to labors of corpus and thought
to spirits bruis’d and tearful laughs
           to solitary retreats

‘tis our love’s fault


2 thoughts on “Our Blessings Counted

  1. naturerestoresme

    Gorgeous view of this awesome tree, and such wonderful poetry to go along with it. I hope you and yours are doing well during this troubling time. Sending lotsa good energy your way.

    1. loujen haxm'Yor Post author

      Staying safe and healthy, Linda. This pic was taken over 35 years ago. Having just finished reading Lord of the Rings, we were reminded of the elf kingdom of Lorien. Appreciate the good energy. Back at ya.


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