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lovers of animal lovers


                                         from opposite sides
                                         of the world


                                        if only
                                        for an instant
                                        in a lifetime

                                       “Thank you!
                                       I’ll take that treat now.

floating mall

                                  in sunshine and monsoon
                                  be my boat my treasure stall
                                  of rambutan and dragon fruit
                                  of noodles and khanom krok
                                  for fellow and foreign landers
                                  in the Basin of Chao Phraya


                           Glass Slipper of Bahía de Todos Santos
                           A Smile below Guadalupe grape dancers
                           Innkeeper of commerce and cruise ships
                           Master Chef of fish tacos and enchiladas
                           Night Owl of cervezas and mariachis
                           Enchantress of shop-till-you-drop’ers
                           Cinderella of the Peaceful Sea

Happy Fathers’ Day!

Lavender Lynk, Everyone!

My wife and I recently returned from a three week vacation at our home state of New Jersey.  Homes of family and friends, food and drink (everyone seemed to have anything-you-want liquor cabinets), the New York Broadway Show Jersey Boys, a very cold swim at Asbury Park, a magical day of feeding a deer at a cabin in the Poconos, fine restaurants, on-and-off rain and warm humid weather, tons of cameras clicking away, all but fifteen minutes of smooth air travel, and moments of inspiration for both writing and illustrating.   Time to catch up on the blog world.  And yes—it’s great to be home again.

To all you Daddies—Happy Fathers’ Day!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   fathers_blog_text