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Dyer Cloud

                                       Sower of climate
                                       in th’ ambiance
                                       traversing the Bridge
                                      ‘twixt Reality and Fantasy

                                      her love of color
                                      mutating either side
                                      to her swank appeal
                                      to marveling eyes

Ghost with Child

lightly keen’d the heavens
that today
into fresh gardenscapes a breath
might empower hallow’d Mother
her Newborn-To-Be to bequeath
with the gift of wondrous Spirit

Himmwast the Gypsy

…Another unsympathetic clamp to his head yanked him upright and posed him for the Gypsy’s convergence.  Removing a web of precious beads from one of her hilts, Himmwast draped her amulet over his navel and incanted to him eye to eye.  “Entrails be in.”

A maroon bandeau, wholly shimmering with a print of swimming tadpoles, completely mantled her unfeathered skull.  From a forehead clasp there hung a gleaming zircon in front of her right ____

Her right eye.  It was missing!  No, not missing.  There was no socket to contain it.  Only a natural unaltered surface of flesh.  His vision was locked there.  For a moment he imagined himself standing in some outlandish desert.  It was night.  Very overcast.  No stellar campfires.  And in the gloomy distance the contour of several baleful minarets was heightened by a faint acraviolet glow…

(From ChaulE: Round of the Holy Well)