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Alley of the Lost

o’er the Bermuda Sea
opes randomly
a triangular doorway

its guests transmit’d
on a one-way ticket
to an unseen mystery

while failures of hi-tech
continue to enhance
the myth… or its veracity

endanger’d species

th’ ancients spoke of life
outside the cave—
when sounds were emit’d
from lips
till lips became fingertips
and fingertips thoughts—
when emojis became the light
in darkness
and darkness made us fear the light—
while under the eyes
of night and day
were creatures on the loose
not so intelligent
but somehow more content
within that breath of fresh air—
no longer ours

Queue: VR-Opolis

Attention VR-Opolis attendees.  Ticketholders may proceed directly to the Now Portal.  Upon confirmation of your aurascan you will be guided to your respective queue level—either Yesteryear, Presentville, Morrowshire, or Phantascope.  Priority Express Queue is available only for those attendees with tickets identified as Potpourri, granting them access to all levels, in any order, at any time.  Please be courteous and respectful of your fellow time residents.  Vr-Opolis management is confident that your experience, whether you are a newcomer or returnee, will be both satisfying and quite memorable.  Enjoy your adventure!

SM Unit 1-18T


She initiated her sign language password. And the big screen monitor morphed from its midnight saver into reflector mode.  She stretched her mouth wide open.  She smiled.  She frowned.  Squeezed her eyes shut until she could feel the humming in her ears.  Inhaled a deep breath.  Then let her face go stone cold.  Her body stirred in precise deliberate movements, while her voice went into an automated mode of commands and responses.  At length she felt secure with her superficial exercise.  She scoffed at her uniform.  Her plastic metal guise.  She blew a kiss at the mirror and her image disappeared into its rekindled blackness.

SM Unit 1-18T.

Time to get my act together. 

(From the short story White Box)