endanger’d species

th’ ancients spoke of life
outside the cave—
when sounds were emit’d
from lips
till lips became fingertips
and fingertips thoughts—
when emojis became the light
in darkness
and darkness made us fear the light—
while under the eyes
of night and day
were creatures on the loose
not so intelligent
but somehow more content
within that breath of fresh air—
no longer ours

3 thoughts on “endanger’d species

  1. philipbrockman

    Okay. I was going to say the picture/painting? is freaky…dimensional. But then I read your poem, and I’m wondering what we’re giving way too? But I do appreciate how you spark imagination dear buddy. Love you guys.
    This is my last week of training so I’m thinking I’m like that golden eagle circling the parts of life I still can see. I went to see Infinity Wars last week. Hard to put that into two hours huh?

    1. loujen haxm'Yor Post author

      Hey, Phil. I looked around my neighborhood this past weekend. As with other weekends these past many years I no longer see kids throwing ball or riding bikes and skateboards or… — unless of course parents have “coaxed” them into joining soccer or little leagues. I thought about Isaac Asimov’s “Caves of Steel”, which referenced the overpopulated earth having to deal with super dense living environments/structures. So I kinda put these together in making a case for our losing touch with Nature. Good luck with your training, buddy.

      1. philipbrockman

        Just Fri & Sat left…then I find out next week if I’m in the loop and full time. But I’m in a writing slump, so I’ve done little here. Asimov is right. Even if I had robots to do everything, they still couldn’t write a fresh page for me. Love you guys, big inspection in the apt next month.

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