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Olden Birds

Hello again, my friend

Another decade
And we’re still here

You a bit ruffl’d
I a bit grayer

Should the time come
when I no longer see you perch’d here
or you no longer see me—
let’s cherish the memory of our little chats

Kiss (from the Time Capsule)

solitary Cinder uplift’d
by the song of Nature’s breath
fades the melody
fades her wings
to alight upon a needle of pine
to slumber
to emerge from her cocoon
a candle of hope
an armor’d torch
scourge of the Forest
drown’d into ashes
the starving Ground
to suckle new saplings
richer than before

so too
a simple peck from your lips to mine
shall inflame the bond of our flesh
till our spirits slip into th’ Innerworld
where all seasons are one
Night to his pillow of dreams
as squints Day and stretches her light
to awaken Love beyond measure

Dawn 2022

rings the Sun’s doorbell
of Hope’s anniversary
when spirits last shook hands

so much time
in so little time
now a mane of snowfall
melt’d to a mist

fresh candles nudg’d from their beds
then lull’d back to their pillows
conceiving vapors of renew’d confidence

another boast
another test of the sinew
of that boast

another venture
into the mysterious forest of light
the memory of a sleepless eye