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Lettuce Bush plus A Mystery

Here’s the result of several lettuce
seeds sharing a large pot.

Does anyone know what this succulent is?
I did not plant it.  But several years ago
(after living here for over a decade) it
gradually popped up and stayed here.
I have taken some cuttings to spread
it around our property.  For now we’ve
been calling it our alien plant.  If you
recognize it, please let me know.
Have a wonderful day, everyone!

Any side of the Sun

palms of leaves
tir’d and slipping
from the wood
onto the bed of marl

dreams of rainbow petals

yesteryear’s keepsake to bear
of cloudless blues

the fruits to inspire
of their own dreams
and bless tomorrow’s trees
with laughter


more than decor

commital sacred
to Mother Earth
her sufferings
to release

to better Rebirth
to aspire

drawing all worthy eyes
to Meditation
to Devotion

to the Triple Gem
of Time’s essence