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Mystery Lavender Lover

Hi, everyone.

Does anyone recognize this bird?  (This was a quick shot through a screened window.  Sorry about the quality.)   Six of them showed up on our property about a week ago.  In the mornings I see them emerge from our honeysuckle growth and head straight for our lavender bushes—where they dig right into the flower areas.

Anyway, we’re happy to have the new neighbors… and hope they’ll stay.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hallow’d Alms

Morning opens her eyes,
kisses the cold cheeks
of sleeping bouquets,
who yawn and stretch their emerald
petals and shower prismatic
pollen upon granitic
angels, their morning breakfast
of sharing last night’s dreams,
until the first knee
genuflects before them
and asks forgiveness

Cerebration Block

the sinew of my thoughts
has melt’d away
scattering their bones
in a crapshoot
to indecision

what can I dream up next?

gotta smear
that blank canvas
let the daubs
inspire my sight
ere I sleep on it