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just a small parcel
garnish’d by man
our housekeepers
preserving our endangerment

though not the wild
the vanishing wild
consum’d by
and violence

this alternate paradise
must suffice as paradise
until Nature’s children
from Mankind’s progress
… or Mankind’s ashes


of her be aware

hawk who espies everything

if you snooze you lose

(This happens– usually just outside my front door– about 4 times a year.  It takes a few days for the local birds to resume their activities around the hanging feeder and the ground level water dish.)

Mystery Lavender Lover

Hi, everyone.

Does anyone recognize this bird?  (This was a quick shot through a screened window.  Sorry about the quality.)   Six of them showed up on our property about a week ago.  In the mornings I see them emerge from our honeysuckle growth and head straight for our lavender bushes—where they dig right into the flower areas.

Anyway, we’re happy to have the new neighbors… and hope they’ll stay.

Have a wonderful weekend!



                                      Darn those early birds
                                      Guess I’ll have to wait my turn
                                      Please leave me some seed


                                         wings on waves of wind
                                         silhouette circling the sun
                                         dare my other eyes