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for a whole minute
no ringtones

no voices to hear
no texts to read
no one’s answering

he must at least
try to speak to himself
his fix to satisfy

while his mind
grins and whispers
“Do you hear yourself?
Do you see yourself?”


perceive one twinkle
in a cumulus night sky?

or thy thoughts
with open sails
as far as can hear th’ ear?

fingertips from hope?
but hope, nonetheless

with glitter to ornament
Heaven’s face
and ours

with reasons to smile

First Sight

you spoke
to me
smitten I was
by the scent
of your words
blinding me
… for a moment

your eyes
reflect’d mine
slowly drown’d
in a thickset fog
… for a moment

my mind
became abstract
a caldron
of turbulent thoughts
then mindless
… for a moment

I was in love
I am in love
at least
… for a moment

Quietus of a Friend

in the glittering wake
of the future
he lives

lighting our way
across the mystic sea
of souls

that our whimsical tomorrows
might toast
his favorite goblet

and share the fun
of yesteryears