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To all my fellow bloggers for my lengthy absence.

Due to a severe groin injury, I have been undergoing
treatment and therapy (ugh!)—and consequently have
been unable to keep up with my daily chores, hobbies
and fun stuff, including blog postings, visiting other
bloggers’ postings and responding to comments.
My wife has set up a standup station for me (during my
better-feeling moments) to work with my more important
computer stuff.

Hopefully I won’t be sidelined for only a few more weeks.

Everyone— please be safe and have a wonderful day!


Apologies to My Blog Visitors

It seems that WordPress, by reintroducing its new editing option, has reformatted the appearance of all of my poems.  Little by little I will be correcting them to something close to their original look– and not the resulting indentation step down format.  Sorry for the mess.  Peace.