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Apologies to My Blog Visitors

It seems that WordPress, by reintroducing its new editing option, has reformatted the appearance of all of my poems.  Little by little I will be correcting them to something close to their original look– and not the resulting indentation step down format.  Sorry for the mess.  Peace.


To my fellow bloggers

Sorry for not getting back to your most recent posts.  My blogging activities were on hold for a few weeks.  Seems my video chip malfunctioned to the point of frying the motherboard of my 6_1/2 year old laptop.  Despite having a pretty good backup of my important files, I had been frantically struggling to restore/retrieve ongoing writing/art projects– some of which I will need to start from scratch.  Anyway, I’m borrowing my wife’s computer until I’m economically ready to invest in some sort of updated gizmo.  Gray matter’s reloaded.

Have a wonderful day!  Peace.