just a small parcel
garnish’d by man
our housekeepers
preserving our endangerment

though not the wild
the vanishing wild
consum’d by
and violence

this alternate paradise
must suffice as paradise
until Nature’s children
from Mankind’s progress
… or Mankind’s ashes

Messis Via

Because of a busy year: with several groups of out-of-state relatives visiting us and our traveling to New Jersey and Pennsylvania; and letting our vegetable plots go fallow, especially during our hot summer—our modest plantings of winter veggies is finally revitalizing our garden. Continue reading


whimsical glimpse
in my sleep
only shadows
of my thoughts

the tongue
of my mind

knowing her name
knowing the dream of her
cannot hear me

the snake
of untimely darkness
becomes a comfort
I’ll never remember

Halestorm at Viejas Arena

If you really like hard rock musicians…
who jam a whole lot more in concert…
with a female guitar-playing singer with super lungs…
all with a billion watts of power—
this is one awesome group to see.

(They performed after Plush and before Evanescence.
Still hearing that show in my head.)