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our eyes once
held hands
your footsteps
sunken into mine
the cold warmth
the beauty
the wonders
of winter’s boulevard

now all
by your absence
be a blur
striking me
in all spectra
as my mind
into frozen thought

we are not here

we are


of her be aware

hawk who espies everything

if you snooze you lose

(This happens– usually just outside my front door– about 4 times a year.  It takes a few days for the local birds to resume their activities around the hanging feeder and the ground level water dish.)

Restless Cerebrations

pollen from thought to thought
until “The” thought

fingers stroke where speech breathes
to where smells migrate

and yawns and stirs the lover
with infant’s eyes on a date with night

draw passion into syringe
stab into mind
and hew the tourniquet

thy bosom
the sun
flash flood

then drought in soporific beam