Mystery Lavender Lover

Hi, everyone.

Does anyone recognize this bird?  (This was a quick shot through a screened window.  Sorry about the quality.)   Six of them showed up on our property about a week ago.  In the mornings I see them emerge from our honeysuckle growth and head straight for our lavender bushes—where they dig right into the flower areas.

Anyway, we’re happy to have the new neighbors… and hope they’ll stay.

Have a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Mystery Lavender Lover

  1. naturerestoresme

    Beautiful color combination! I love it. I’ve heard that baltimore orioles love honeysuckle. This could be a juvenile. They have the dark colored head and orangish body. Birds love lavender seeds and when they eat them the lavender scent is released. Sounds like you have a great garden and you should see butterflies and bees on the lavender too.

  2. loujen haxm'Yor Post author

    Many thanx for the reply. Presently my lavender began as 4 inch pot from Home Depot. It is currently about a 5 ft by 7 ft bush. And you’re right about the bees and butterflies (and hummingbirds.) I remember hearing a while back that bee populations were declining. You’d never know it by the lavender and rosemary visitors. These new birds are now sneaking in the seed bowl outside my kitchen window, over which the sparrows have ruled for years.

    1. loujen haxm'Yor Post author

      Thanx for the info, Siobhan. I always welcome the newcomers to join the sparrow, pigeons, doves, hoppers, seagulls, parrots, 1 woodpecker (comes 3x a year), and the occasional hawks (who scare everyone away.)


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