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Memorial Day 2023

young USA
garb’d in grad gowns
of campaigners—
some tearfully etch’d
upon the DC Wall—
others bearing witness
to today’s handshakes—
everyone glad it’s over
         …at least There

I’d like to honor the memory
of PFC Peter Alan Gruca,
who graduated Marine boot camp
in March of 1969
and was a casualty of the Vietnam War
in November of the same year.
He died serving our country
at the young age of 19.

Semper Fi

(photo courtesy of the Wall of Faces)

In Memory

I should like to dedicate this posting to Peter G, who graduated Marine Corps boot camp with me.  After my short spell of military service, I went on to enjoy all the benefits of civilian life– love and marriage, rock concerts, forest hikes, great restaurants, foreign travels, wild parties, dogs and cats.  As for Pete, eight months after boot camp, he was killed in a firefight.  He was only 19.  Now, looking at his photograph, I am deeply saddened and lost for any further words.  Peace, brother.