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SD ComicCon 2022

After a two-year delay, the ComicCon was finally in full swing again.  Many like myself simply carried over our original badges, rather than get refunded and wait on-line later for a random selection (which might not happen.) The down side was everyone having to acquire orange wrist bands to match their Covid 19 ID’s—and still having to wear masks inside the convention center.  (Every couple of hours it was necessary to step outside and drop the masks for some fresh air.)  There were several no-show or cancellation venues—like Disney and Sony, which usually draw large crowds.  Also, gamers seem to be more on the rise this year rather than new movie/tv intros.  Of course, all the eateries and bars and downtown entertainment areas were hoppin’.  My wife and I got two good days in, as well as the setting up for my Art Show entries.  Wonder how much longer this event will last.  Anyway, here are some shots of our experience.  Enjoy!

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