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ComicCon 2016

That time of the year again.  When an international host descends upon San Diego to witness the artistry, thespian panels, fantasy and sci-fi vendors and exhibits, costumed attendees… and all that the original comic book convention has evolved into.  Unfortunately for myself and my wife, we were only able to procure tickets for the Sunday venues (online selections make it more difficult now to obtain multiple days, especially for the more popular Thursday thru Saturday events.)  Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves– one of the positive elements being that it was overcast and cooler for most of the day (a two-week heat wave had engulfed Southern California, putting air conditioners in high gear.)

Please continue on to view some shots from our day of fun.  Have a wonderful day, everyone.  Peace.  (Oh, yes, Luke Perry glanced us a smile when my wife excitedly yelled out his name.)

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