One morning while getting ready to fill our bird feeder with seed, my wife and I saw a gray tabby drinking out of the ground level water dish.


  The next day was quite the same—only just after he awoke from sleeping under our orchid tree.  He was quite friendly and seemed content to take turns sitting on our laps.  I opened up a can of tuna and gave him a couple of spoonfuls.  After his revisiting for a couple more days, we took photos of him, which we posted around the neighborhood.  A woman walking past our house said she thought the cat was abandoned by folks who had recently moved away.


To be sure we took the cat to the local animal shelter, where his photo and description were put online.  When after five days and there was no claim to him, the shelter asked us if we’d like to adopt him.  He had been fixed, given all his shots and was to have a chip inserted.  We said “Yes”, having finally gotten over the loss of our previous cat, whom we had for 22 years.


It’s been a month since Logan became a part of the family.  He’s acclimated quite well, including his use of the cat door and his many favorite sleeping spots.  Got lucky with this handsome guy.


Everyone— have a wonderful day!


2 thoughts on “Logan

  1. niasunset

    This is wonderful news and story, I am happy as much oyou all, even as Logan too! You did great dear Poet, Good Luck with your new friend, Blessing and Happiness to you ALL, Love, nia


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