Messis Via

Because of a busy year: with several groups of out-of-state relatives visiting us and our traveling to New Jersey and Pennsylvania; and letting our vegetable plots go fallow, especially during our hot summer—our modest plantings of winter veggies is finally revitalizing our garden.

Our rosemary and oregano are forever herbs that refresh on their own.  We still have to plant turnips, lettuce, and more cabbage.  The cages protect the greens from the butterflies and occasional grasshoppers.  The hanging fabrics shield the veggies during the 90+ degrees heat in August and early September.  Anyway, it’s great to get our hands in the soil again.  As always, there’s great satisfaction at harvest time.

9 thoughts on “Messis Via

    1. loujen haxm'Yor Post author

      Thanx, Rupali. Only– here in Southern California the tomatoes ripen better in the spring and summer. So I’ll probably be doing a lot of fried green tomatoes and/or salsa.


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