San Diego ComicCon 2015

Hi, everyone.

As in the past– it was a cast of billions.  Fortunately for those of us who had attended the previous year’s event, we were given the chance to get first shot at randomly selected online tickets– which sold out in a couple of hours.  Later the lucky ones in the rest of the world would scarf up the balance of attendee badges.


Again it was a time when even adults could feel like kids, especially when it came to costuming up in a favorite/famous or personally created character.


There was something for everyone.  Vendors selling comics– both contemporary and ancient.  (One booth had a comic worth $27,000.)  gothic clothes, ninja weapons, statuesque and oil paint artworks, digital and board games, jewelry, inventions and creations from twisted minds, and original new books by various publishers.  Panels and signings by artists and actors from old and new movies and tv shows (Ant Man, Zoo, Blindspot, Extant, Game of Thrones, and Under the Dome… to name a few.)  Giant screens and enhanced grand logos of both the major and Independent movie studios,   Attendee artists lining up for interviews and a shot at fame.  Outdoor venues for audience participation.  Diverse anime films playing random episodes all day.


For the hard core fans (we’ve done it– but hot days are the worst!) there the long lines for the most popular tv/movie panels and actors providing autographs.  At least an extra badge day would be nice, since it takes at least as day to cover the main convention center floor.


And did the San Diego Blood Bank make out big time!  There were free bee gift bags to all eligible donors.  We all love free bees.


… which was the biggest disappointment at ComicCon this year.  With so many of the vendors and sponsors going more commercial, there weren’t the usual mass giveaways of shirts, caps, dvd’s, posters, literature– even comic books.


Nevertheless, for my wife and I it’s been part of a yearly vacation week since the first “Blade” movie was introduced. (I think 18 years.)  It was a grand happening for all the restaurants and hotels in town.  Just a fun time.  We’ll definitely try for two days next year.


Have a wonderful day, everyone!

5 thoughts on “San Diego ComicCon 2015

  1. Bernice

    It looks like so much fun! That would be a long flight for us but we do have some guys from work that attend. I would have loved to have gone to see the prior Doctor Who doctors! I know Matt Smith showed up and maybe Tennant (my favorite Doctor!) Thanks for sharing!!

    1. loujenhaxmyor Post author

      That’s the benefit for us living in SD County. We just trolley down to the center (forget about paying those raised parking lot fees for “special” events) and trolley back to the nearby home station. Have a good one, Bernice.


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