Monthly Archives: August 2014

Apologies to My Blog Visitors

It seems that WordPress, by reintroducing its new editing option, has reformatted the appearance of all of my poems.  Little by little I will be correcting them to something close to their original look– and not the resulting indentation step down format.  Sorry for the mess.  Peace.


ComicCon 2014

Hello, everyone.  Thought I’d share some pics from San Diego’s annual ComicCon.  For my wife and myself, it was our 16th year.  We leave the car at a local commute station and take the trolley in.  No way anyone’s gonna get near downtown.  It’s that time when the international communities of all ages become aliens, superheroes, zombies, famous tv or movie (or personal imagination) characters, street vendor/advertisers, or just put on a cool shirt—and enjoy the entertaining environment of the convention center, together with the supplemental set ups at the neighboring hotels, restaurants, and even Petco Park.  Panels of actors were in attendance, including those from Game of Thrones, Falling Skies, Helix, and Star Trek.  There were dozens of artists associated with comics or movies or tv series.  And, of course, the multitude of vendors.  Not into crowds (50k to 100k daily)?—Wouldn’t be your cup of tea.  Long lines for autographs, the better freebies, and popular panels… and getting into many restaurants at prime times.  But that’s all part of the happening.  Anyway, to see some shots depicting some of the fun that took place, please select the “ComicCon 2014” page heading at the top of this site.  May the force be with you!  Peace.

To my fellow bloggers

Sorry for not getting back to your most recent posts.  My blogging activities were on hold for a few weeks.  Seems my video chip malfunctioned to the point of frying the motherboard of my 6_1/2 year old laptop.  Despite having a pretty good backup of my important files, I had been frantically struggling to restore/retrieve ongoing writing/art projects– some of which I will need to start from scratch.  Anyway, I’m borrowing my wife’s computer until I’m economically ready to invest in some sort of updated gizmo.  Gray matter’s reloaded.

Have a wonderful day!  Peace.